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Just checking in to see how things are going on your side and to also confirm back to you that we will have our team ready, and to call out some items we need in order to prepare.   Amy and I had a quick planning session and here are our asks:


  • Given our staffing and availability we would like to do our testing on Monday ***  ** – we have fully open calendars (except for 1:00-1:30pm) and would allow us to completely focus on getting done in one day.
  • How much time will you need to Demo to our team to get them prepared for UAT? We would like to get that on calendars for 3/11 now, to block out time for the overview as well as testing. ... Read more »

We don’t really see it as a technical issue around the central profile – it’s more just making sure the team thinks through the customer journey and whether that corporate profile level is really what *** wants, or they’re the decision is just because *** doesn’t support multiple brands natively without incurring another large license fee.


We can support either option no problem, on *** side, there’s a few complications around understanding what’s brand specific vs corporate profile, and then how to message the customer to let them know when they sign up on ***, they’re actually signing up on a number of other sites as well. These are not insurmountable though and we can work within the constraints.


I just want it make it clear tha ... Read more »

While my initial emails have laid out the basics, I feel like my approach is insufficient. Perhaps a more formal kickoff meeting describing the project details to the brand teams that will be specifically impacted would help? I figure that is better for you to decide. 

I personally had a great break, switching off from work and enjoying time with my extended family, teaching the kids to swim, enjoying some wine and getting stuck into some DIY jobs (1 new fence and a half renovated laundry). Also the train line shutdowns here this week are great incentive to get support my new years resolution to spend more time on my bike and improve my fitness - feel free to give me a push back onto two wheels if you catch me on the train. I'm feeling refreshed and energised and ready to get stuck into our ambitious goals for 2019 and make sure it's successful for us all.

Tangible outcomes, such as results, costs saved, or time reduced.

Hi All,


Just a reminder to let you all know, FirtName will be on annual leave travelling overseas from Date until Date.

Being a Salesforce Administrator for our AU Salesforce/Marketing Cloud Instance for our DTC operation, I am writing to let you know the plan and the contacts to reach out to during this time if anything important/urgent. I will also be checking my emails occasionally while I am overseas.

  • Role - Name - Email 
  • Role - Name - Email 

If you experience an issue or incident which you might need help with, please raise a ticket from *link*

From there, our team will allocate your requests to the appropriate channel. We wi ... Read more »

Hi Jessica,

It was nice interacting with you and thank you for your patience while working on your request.

Please find below the summary for the Case ID: 19917774

You contacted the support desk as you wanted to know the verification process of the Email which we use in the “Email reply address”.

I have explained all about the email verification process and SAP (Sender Authentication Profile).

Since you confirmed the solution helped resolve the request I am closing this case as closed-resolved.

However, please do not be concerned, if you still need assistance on this issue. For the next 10 days case can be easily reopened and resume where we left off, either by adding a comment to the case from the portal, replying to this email or by calling 1 800-667-6389 (please have your case number handy). You can also create a new case any time from the help & training portal.

... Read more »


I’m writing to ask if you’d be willing to write a LinkedIn recommendation for me that highlights my technical and communication skills, attitude, and overall experience you had with me while working on TWE projects.
Ideally, I’d love for you to outline successes we had as well as challenges we overcome together.

I’m working hard to transition into a senior BI Analyst role that (hopefully) will be soon available in our IT team.

Thank you

I'm unfortunately unwell with a sore throat from the weekend I don't want to get worse

I'm going to take today off to rest & recover. I'll cancel meetings accordingly

Pls text or call me if you need anything today

Hi M,


S. let me know that he closed this ticket, because he couldn’t find a solution to the problem. We will proceed with creating separate interfaces for each country, for each brand. That means 30+ interfaces in the short term and 50+ in the medium term. This is not the eloquent solution we had in mind when we chose MLT. The language/country drop-down does not interest us, because that is not a good user experience when the user has already passed through an age-gate that requested the same info. If you can help us find a solution where we can have a single interface for each global brand, that would be ideal. As we grow globally, this issue will become more of a problem. I don’t have a specific action in mind that I hoped you would take, but I just thought you should be aware of our dissatisfaction.




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