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we can make it

We don’t really see it as a technical issue around the central profile – it’s more just making sure the team thinks through the customer journey and whether that corporate profile level is really what *** wants, or they’re the decision is just because *** doesn’t support multiple brands natively without incurring another large license fee.


We can support either option no problem, on *** side, there’s a few complications around understanding what’s brand specific vs corporate profile, and then how to message the customer to let them know when they sign up on ***, they’re actually signing up on a number of other sites as well. These are not insurmountable though and we can work within the constraints.


I just want it make it clear that I’m only suggesting this as an option because I want you to know there’s probably other ways to keep that 1-to-1 brand profile.


I’ve also dropped *** from the discussion as when I spoke to *** and *** about it, they didn’t offer a strong opinion either way. So this is really a *** decision point, and *** are more than happy to help if you need it.