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accepting work - testing

Just checking in to see how things are going on your side and to also confirm back to you that we will have our team ready, and to call out some items we need in order to prepare.   Amy and I had a quick planning session and here are our asks:


  • Given our staffing and availability we would like to do our testing on Monday ***  ** – we have fully open calendars (except for 1:00-1:30pm) and would allow us to completely focus on getting done in one day.
  • How much time will you need to Demo to our team to get them prepared for UAT? We would like to get that on calendars for 3/11 now, to block out time for the overview as well as testing.
  • What is the URL to your development environment to ensure that our team can all access?
  • Do you have documented test case scenarios and acceptance criteria we need the team to execute? Do you need us to push load to the API – multiple staff executing at the same time etc.
  • How would you like us to communicate testing pass/fail information back to you ? 
  • Once testing has been completed and everything is ready for go live – how much time do think you need to push to production?  Can it be done at the end of the day so that when our site staff get in the next day, it’s all ready to go (vs. pushing in the middle of the day when guests are on site)
  • Can you communicate your rollback plan if issues arise.
  • Can you communicate what the launch support plan would entail.