Gamazavr Banner Network

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What it is

Gzavr is universal banner network that pull content from any page/feed, parce, store it and serve via JavaScript as random banner rotator.

How it works

You specify source of the content and define variables you want to store. It could be products from an online store, movies from your favorite sites, blog posts from multiple recourses, etc. The only requirements - objects on source pages have to have same/similar structure.

After content is parsed, user can specify filters to show only relevant content at his page. For example, you can select products from a specific page of the external online store, or the news that content specific keywords. Then, user pastes the code to a page and script serve random data from the database.

Where to use this application

Not every e-Commerce system has developed API to serve content for external affiliates. This banner network allows to create an instant feed with customizable API without modifications of the online store - just set the required fields (title, image, price), specify source, and set how often you want to update data.

Example of implementation is independent banner network developed for digital distribution online store Gamazavr.

Network allows to create personalized JavaScript banner rotator for store partners.
Partners could customize the view of banners using own style sheets.

Code generator allows to select one or multiple categories.

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